IT Infrastructure


Sun Cloud LLC Methodology for IT Infrastructure Services:

==> Infrastructure Planning
==> Infrastructure Designing
==> Infrastructure Development
==> Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Planning:

Our Team will identify the end goals and gain a complete understanding of the client architecture.

==> Identifying the current Business needs and infrastructure requirements.
==> Identifying the key application requirements and sources of Data access.
==> Identifying the Security Issues.
==> Identifying a Disaster recovery solution.

Infrastructure Designing:

Our Team will design a master plan for the client’s Infrastructure from scratch.

==> Identify the connectivity requirements
==> Identify the Network architecture and Security.
==> Our team recommends the Cloud solutions and tools that best suits for the client’s environment.
==> Determine different ways to deploy cloud resources. Options include like Public, Private and Hybrid cloud.

Infrastructure Development:

In the development stage, we build the cloud infrastructure, deploy different cloud options available and integrate with the client’s current environment. We offer the best migration support using the best migration tools available in the market. We choose the best tools that work directly with the clients technology needs of their environment and drive the process that leads through successful migration.

Infrastructure Management:

Once the client’s infrastructure is developed and deployed into the cloud, Sun Cloud LLC will manage the complete environment on the cloud. We also Monitor, Maintain, apply patches and plan for ongoing growth on a daily basis.